2001: First learned about HTML

I was about 8 years old when I first touched a computer and about 12 when I discovered that software is made with code and learned to write a bit of that code to create simple web pages.

2006: Open source design contributor

By 2005 I was using obscure Linux distributions and an obscure graphical environment. Some of its icons were missing or I didn't like so I thought, hey, I've always liked to draw, so let me learn how to draw vector icons.

And so every day after school, instead of doing homework I'd draw icons and hang out on IRC with my fellow nerds.

2013: Design degree

I studied Graphic Design in Aalborg for one year then moved to Scotland to graduate in Creative Computing from Edinburgh Napier University.

2013: First full-time design job

I got my first official full-time design gig at a tiny software development agency in Sofia, Bulgaria. We did small websites for a variety of clients.

2016: First product gig

I got my first product gig. I worked on file management and office productivity apps for Android at a company called Mobisystems. They had made deals with a variety of major OEMs like Sony, Alcatel and ZTE and got their apps pre-installed on plenty of devices. At some point all products I worked on had 100, 000, 000+ installations.

2019: First enterprise gig at VMware

I went back to my roots working on nerdy software in 2019. This was also my entry into the Enterprise. I worked on a billion-dollar product called vSAN with teams from Palo Alto, Shanghai and all across Europe.

2021: Microsoft

I was offered a job at Microsoft to work on their identity platform, Azure Active Directory in their Dublin, Ireland office. I worked with many designers, engineers and PMs from Dublin, Nairobi, Redmond, Atlanta.

2022: Kubeshop

I moved to the startup world as the sole designer on the Botkube team. The Kubernetes domain is very technical and challenging in itself; but I also need to work with multiple design systems: Microsoft Teams', Slack's, Discord's, Mattermost's and Ant.

This is also a role where I have to help build relationships with users from an open-source community and not customers who are already paying for a product.

A bookish computer nerd and a metalhead who met the right partner and became a dad of two and a traveler.

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